Home Security Assessment

Home Security Assessment

Home Security Assessment:

One of the most valuable services that we can provide is the home security assessment. Homeowners invest a great deal when purchasing a home.

One of the most often overlooked items when buying a home is security. This process runs as a parallel to the home inspection and provides insight to the home and neighborhood. Upgrading security can be expensive and many upgrades can be completed for little cost and having a better understanding of how criminals operate. As a 30 plus year law enforcement officer Rod has learned a few things about how criminals function and what they look for.

We will come to your home and conduct a security analysis, provide you with a statistical report of crimes in your neighborhood and make recommendations for the level of security you may need for your home. The report basically works on the system of Vulnerability + Threat = Risk. In order to determine your home threat vulnerability, many factors need to be taken into consideration. Your residential location can make you vulnerable to home related crimes. While there is no such thing as 100% security, we can provide you with the most logical recommendations based on crime statistics, experience, area crime trends and what we observe during a home assessment. Implementing a security plan that includes a complete Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) analysis can minimize the attraction of your home to the criminal element and provide the necessary deterrence  for much less than adding all of the security gismos on the market.

Invite us to take a look and we will conduct the assessment and provide you with the best recommended course of action with improvements etc.  To schedule an appointment please follow this link. 







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